We've Got A Second Chick, May 7, 2021

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A couple good looks at chicks one and two.

Bluebird's second chick, May 7, 2021Meet the second chick
A longer view of two chicks, May 7, 2021Meet chicks one and two

First Bluebird Chick Has Hatched! May 7, 2021

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We've got a chick! The first chick hatched shortly before dawn this morning. As of 1030, it looks like a second chick has broken its shell, hard to tell, I haven't had a clear view yet, mom is still sitting on the nest. 

Still no sign from the chickadees. 

Here's mom bluebird bringing in the first meal. Sorry about the video glitch as mom leaves, the camera has trouble adjusting to the rapidly changing levels of light. 

Bluebird's First Chick, May 7, 2021Our bluebird's first chick hatched shortly before dawn this morning.




Mr. Bluebird Is Getting Impatient, No Word From The Chickadees, May 6, 2021

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Mr. Bluebird seems to be getting impatient. He usually shows up around the yard a few times a day. He'll call to Mrs., she sometimes answers. Today, he stuck around the yard, often perching on the box or the roof just above the box. I saw him go to the door several times to see what was up. And, every time I was around to see Mrs. leave the box, Mr. would perch by the door. All this, and still no chicks. We're about midway through the period we can expect them to hatch. They should hatch before Monday. 

The chickadees haven't checked either box at the Library in over 72 hours, it looks like they've moved on. 

Here's Mrs. Bluebird tending her eggs this afternoon:

Bluebird Update May 6, 2021

I Was Overly Optimistic Yesterday, We're Still Waiting, Bluebird Update May 6, 2021

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OK, I got excited too early yesterday. I was sure I'd spotted a pip in an egg. Apparently not. Mrs. Bluebird is still sitting on her intact eggs. 

I fear our chickadees may have moved on, they haven't checked in for about 48 hours. 


Bluebird Update May 6, 2021We're still waiting.....

Pretty Sure We Have A Pip, Bluebird Update May 4, 2021

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Mrs. Bluebird has been sitting most of the day again. I've been watching closely this afternoon after spotting what sure looks like a pip in one of the eggs. There may be pips in two, but she turned them, and I'm not sure if she moved them around. Take a look at the egg at the 2 O'clock position when she leaves. 

Bluebird Update May 4, 2021Pretty sure we have a pip in at least one egg No sign of our chickadees again today. Hope they haven't moved on.