Tree Swallows Have Moved In! June 8, 2021

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A pair of tree swallows appeared last week and checked out both our camera equipped nesting boxes. The bluebirds, who we have had only glimpses of since their chicks fledged, reappeared to explain that the box to the north was theirs. The swallows settled on the other box. Which promptly attracted at least one more pair of swallows interested in the box. One pair has claimed it and started building. Hopefully the bluebirds will return for another brood in their box. 

We're getting a kick out of them. The box is about 15' from where we sit on the deck. In front of the deck, we've got a humming bird feeder with a stick clamped onto the hook to let the hummingbirds rest. The stick is only about 10' from my chair on the deck. I'm not surprised that the hummingbirds don't care. But, I am a little surprised at how comfortable the swallows are sitting there as we come and go. The swallows and the dogs had a few conversations; Dexter gave them a good woofing, but they held their ground and chattered back at him. Now they all ignore each other. 

Here's their progress as of this morning. 

Tree Swallows Building Their NestA pair of tree swallows has claimed our second camera-equipped box and are building their nest.

The Piermont Library chickadees reappeared and inspected both boxes repeatedly before wandering off again. Now, we've got a pair of house wrens interested. The wrens cleaned out most of the moss the chickadees brought in to both boxes. Now, the male wren is hauling sticks into one of the boxes. Male wrens haul sticks into several possible nesting spots, the female will decide which one she wants. The male will continue to fill the other nest holes to keep other birds away. Stay tuned to find out if Dee (Everyone knows it's Wrendee.....) selects this box. 

House Wrens In A Nesting BoxWe're following a pair of house wrens in the Piermont Library nesting box. Are they building a nest? Or just filling the box with sticks to keep anyone else from using it?
The videos take several minutes to process after I upload them. If it doesn't play for you, please check back in a few minutes. 

The cameras are mounted inside the nesting boxes to allow us to watch without disturbing the birds.


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