Tree Swallow & House Wren Update, June 15, 2021

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Today is the sixth day since our tree swallow laid her first egg. Usually they lay one per day until they have five to seven eggs. Mrs. Swallow has imported a bunch of feathers and I can't see how many eggs she has. I know she got to four. She's spending most of her time in the box, often sitting looking out the door. Mr. Swallow perches on the stick clamped to the hummingbird feeder most of the day. 

Here's what Mrs. was up to this afternoon.

Tree Swallow Update June 15, 2021

The wrens at the Piermont Library have made a nest cup in the back of the box. It is in deep shadow and I can't tell if there are eggs or not. Here's a clip of today's activity. It is combined from a series of 12-second clips the camera records when it detects motion. 

Wren Update June 15, 2021

The videos take some time to process after I upload them. If they won't play for you, please check back in a few minutes. 


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