Swallows Have Three Eggs, June 12, 2021

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Our swallows now have three eggs and the wrens in Piermont are doing, well, something, in their box. 

Mrs. Swallow spent much of her morning in the box. When she ventured out for brunch, dad popped in to count the eggs. Dad spent much of his morning perched on his 'deck' - the perch I clamped to the hummingbird feeder for the hummers. We had a nice conversation while I had my breakfast this morning. 

Here's mom fidgeting in the box for a bit. 

Tree Swallows Have Three Eggs, June 12, 2021Our tree swallows are up to four eggs. Follow along as they raise their family


The wrens at the Piermont Library continue to arrange the sticks in one of the boxes at the Piermont Library. I want to believe they're forming a nest at the back of the box, but don't get your hopes up yet. 

House Wrens In A Nesting Box, June 12, 2021Our wrens are continuing to do, well, something, in the box at the Piermont Library.


It takes several minutes for the videos to process after I upload them. If these won't play for you, please chick back in a few minutes. 

The cameras are mounted inside the boxes to let us watch without disturbing the birds. 


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