Checking In On Our Bluebirds, May 21, 2021

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Our chicks are beginning to show interest in the entrance to the nesting box. They're stretching to take a peek out. Haven't seen either hop up to stick his head out, but won't be long now. Update: they're sitting in the entrance, looking out. 

We're having a hot day today. Mom has been out of the box most of the day. We've got a wren singing from the azaleas by the deck. Mom bluebird has been perching on the deck rail fairly often this morning. She may be letting the wren know that the bluebird's box is in use. We've got another box not too far away, we've had both bluebirds and wrens together a few years ago. 

Here's a clip with the chicks fidgeting in the box, Mom delivering a tasty grasshopper, and one of the chicks trying to see out. 

Bluebird Update May 21, 2021

 Our chickadee poked her head into the box in Piermont this morning, but hasn't been back. The starling checked both boxes this morning. 


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