The Chickadees Decide! Mrs. Bluebird Tends Her Eggs. April 18, 2021

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Mrs. Bluebird spent much of the morning sitting on her two eggs. She went about her errands starting late morning, leaving the eggs unattended. She did not lay a third egg. I'm not sure if she's started the clock on incubating the two she has or if there are more eggs coming.

Our video is in black & white this morning. It was early enough, and gloomy enough, that there wasn't enough light for the camera to work without turning on the infrared LEDs on the camera. When the IR is in use, the camera can only record in B&W.

Mrs. Bluebird tends her eggs, April 18, 2021Mrs. Bluebird spent much of the morning sitting on her eggs
Our chickadees at the Piermont Public Library have made a well-considered decision After checking both boxes at the Library for several days, the made one last check of the southern box today before deciding to build in the other box. 

Chickadees PPL Box 1Our chickadees make a last check before choosing

And, after all the pondering, our chickadees took the first box the found back on the day we put them up. They got a start on their nest this afternoon. 

Chickadees Decide! April 18, 2021After much consideration, the chickadees choose box 2


Please note it takes a while for the video to upload and process after I write the blog post. If the video doesn't play for you, please try again in a few minutes. 

We're looking inside a nesting box with the bluebirds in West Newbury, Vermont. The chickadees are in Piermont, New Hampshire. 
The cameras are permanently mounted in the boxes and we can watch without disturbing the birds. 



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