Mrs. Bluebird Continues Sitting, Our Chickadees Make a Move, April 25, 2021

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Mrs. Bluebird spent another day sitting on her eggs. We're expecting them to hatch sometime between May 2 and May 10. Watch as she stirs, turns the eggs, then settles back in for a nap. 

Mrs. Bluebird Sitting on Her Eggs, April 25, 2021Mrs. Bluebird sits on her eggs, gets up to turn them, then settles back for a nap.

There are some doings with our chickadees. They were well started on a nest in the box on the northern end of the Piermont Public Library, but a starling made repeated visits to the box. Starlings are a danger to both the adult chickadees and any chicks they may hatch. The starling should be excluded from the box by the size of the entrance hole. But, watch it reach into the box, it could grab any birds within. 

The Starling is BackThe starling seems to have driven the chickadees from the box where they started to build their first nest.

That explains why the chickadees were also interested in the box to the south. They took to serious nest building in there today. Unfortunately, I was busy recording no action on the other box. Here's a series of 12-second clips stitched together showing the progress they made on their nest today. 

Chickadees Rebuild! April 25, 2021Our chickadees build a new nest in the second box.

The videos take a few minutes to process after I upload them before you can see them. If they won't play for you, please check back in a few minutes. 

We're watching eastern bluebirds in a box in West Newbury, VT and black-capped chickadees and a starling in boxes in Piermont, NH. 


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