Further Work on the Bluebird Nest - and Chickadees Checking Out a New Box April 10, 2021

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Mrs. Bluebird has been coming and going from the box all morning. She stopped to talk to us while we were having lunch on the deck. The nest is well along and she seems to be making just minor additions and adjustments. 

I built a pair of nest boxes for the Piermont (NH) Public Library and put them up last week. The neighborhood must be in need of housing, a chickadee was checking one box out within the hour of installing it. The chickadees have been checking the box a couple times a day for several days, and now seem to be giving both boxes a good looking over. A starling (starlings?) have explored the boxes several times. Supposedly, they're too big to fit through the entrance designed for bluebirds. So far, so good, they haven't gone in the boxes. 

Here's several clips of Jeans working on her nest today. 


Work continues on the bluebird nest, April 10, 2021The bluebird nest looks to be mostly done. Jeans has been coming and going making minor additions and adjustments this morning.

And the chickadees making several visits to one of the new boxes. You have to watch closely for the second chickadee, it peeks in from outside without coming in. 

PPL Box 2 4-9

Decisions, decisions.... the chickadees have a second box to consider...

Chickadee checking out a nesting boxChickadees checking out a nesting box to see if they'd like to build a nest in it. (There are two, watch the entrance, the second makes only a brief appearance.

Stay tuned to see which box they claim!

We're looking inside a nesting box with the bluebirds in West Newbury, Vermont. The chickadees are in Piermont, New Hampshire. The cameras are permanently mounted in the boxes and we can watch without disturbing the birds. 



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