Checking In With Our Bluebirds and Chickadees, April 27, 2021

April 27, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Not much news from our bluebirds today. Mrs. continues to sit on her eggs, popping out occasionally to find some food. 


Bluebird Update April 27, 2021Mrs. Bluebird continues to tend her eggs.

It looks like the chickadees are satisfied with their nest. Mrs. showed up once this morning with some late additions to the nest. One of them comes to the entrance three or four times an hour just to keep an eye on things. We should be seeing eggs soon. 

Chickadees Finish Up Their NestOur chickadees seem to think their nest is ready.

We're watching eastern bluebirds and black-capped chickadees inside specially built nest boxes with cameras. We can check in on them without disturbing the birds. 


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