Bluebird and Chickadee Update April 26, 2021

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We had a little extra excitement from our feathered friends this morning. My wife, Lee, found a robin that couldn't fly. The robin is now under VINS' care.

Mrs. Bluebird spent most of her day in her box tending her eggs. Here's a short clip, where she deals with a shed feather. The eggs should hatch between May 2 and May 10. 

Bluebird Update April 26, 2021Mrs. Bluebird continues to sit on her eggs.

Our chickadees are moving quickly to build their new nest. If you missed the update, it appears they were run out of the other box by starlings. Let's hope the starlings leave them alone here. 

Chickadees at Work, April 26, 2021Our chickadees continue to build their new nest.

The videos take several minutes to process after I upload them. If the videos aren't playing for you, please check back in a few minutes. 

We're watching eastern bluebirds in a box in West Newbury, Vermont, and black-capped chickadees in a box in Piermont, New Hampshire. The boxes were built to fit a video camera inside, we can watch without disturbing the birds. 



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