Bluebird and Chickadee Update April 11, 2021

April 11, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Mrs. Bluebird continues working on her nest. I'd bet she's getting close to finished. Her last trip into the box in this video shows her bringing what appear to be feathers in to line the nest. 

Mrs. Bluebird Still Tweaking Her Nest, April 11, 2021Construction continues on the nest in our camera equipped bluebird nesting box.

Checking in on the boxes at the Piermont Public Library, we see our starling still checking the boxes. The hole should be small enough to keep him out. After that, we see one of our chickadees inspecting both boxes. I'd bet this was Mrs. Chickadee, the female usually choses the nesting site. 

More from the Piermont Public Library Bird Boxes, April 11, 2021We're watching inside the bird boxes at the Piermont (NH) Public Library. A starling tries to fit in, then our chickadees inspect both boxes.

Please note it takes a while for the video to upload and process after I write the blog post. If the video doesn't play for you, please try again in a few minutes. 

We're looking inside a nesting box with the bluebirds in West Newbury, Vermont. The chickadees are in Piermont, New Hampshire. 
The cameras are permanently mounted in the boxes and we can watch without disturbing the birds. 



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