All Quiet In The Boxes Today, April 21

April 21, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

It has been a chilly rainy day today. We haven't seen much action in any of the bird boxes yet today. 

Mrs. Bluebird stopped in for a few minutes early this afternoon. 

Bluebird & Chickadee Update April 20, 2021Not a lot of action in the boxes today. Mrs. Bluebird has checked in a couple times, no new eggs. The chickadees seem to be taking the day off.

One of the chickadees checked out the box they didn't claim again this morning. 

Chickadees Checking Out Piermont Public Library Box 1, April 21The chickadees continue to keep an eye on the box they didn't take

But, we haven't seen the chickadees visit their nest yet today. 

All Quiet In The Chickadee Box, April 21We haven't seen the chickadees visit their box at all so far today


Please note it takes a while for the video to upload and process after I write the blog post. If the video doesn't play for you, please try again in a few minutes. 

We're looking inside a nesting box with the bluebirds in West Newbury, Vermont. The chickadees are in Piermont, New Hampshire. 
The cameras are permanently mounted in the boxes and we can watch without disturbing the birds. 


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