Bluebird Update May 11, 2021

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Look how big our chicks are getting! They've probably tripled in size since Friday. 

Another day with the parents delivering food to the box for the chicks. We've got a warm (for Vermont in the spring) afternoon. Mom has been spending more time out hunting. 

No word from our chickadees today. 

Bluebird Update May 11, 2021

Monday's Bluebird Update, May 10, 2021

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Both parents were busy hunting for the chicks today. Mrs. Bluebird alternates between hunting and sitting in the box. We got some live mealworms today, hopefully that will help them out. 

The chickadees made several quick checks of both boxes at the Piermont Library, but didn't venture into either box. 

Here's several minutes of the bluebird chicks in the nest. Towards the end, Mrs. B returns to feed one of the chicks and settle back in the box. 


Bluebird Update May 10, 2021Mrs. Bluebird returns to feed her chicks

It takes several minutes for videos to process after I upload them. If the video won't play for you, please try back in a few minutes. 

Sunday Afternoon Bluebird - and Chickadee - Update, May 9, 2021

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Mom and dad bluebird are busy feeding their two chicks. Mom spends some of her time sitting on the nest. Dad is hunting off the roof above my office window, he regularly dives past, the heads for the box. 

Bluebird Update May 9, 2021Checking in on our bluebirds, May 9, 2021

The chickadees at the Piermont Library have been returning to check out both of the boxes at the Library. Maybe they haven't moved on after all? They're just peeking in the boxes, I haven't seen the enter either box. 

Box 1:

PPL Box 1 Update May 9, 2021

Box 2

PPL Box 2 Update May 9, 20201

We're watching eastern bluebirds in West Newbury, Vermont, and black-capped chickadees in Piermont, New Hampshire, with boxes built with a camera installed. We can watch without disturbing the birds. 

Saturday Afternoon Bluebird Update, May 8, 2021

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Our two chicks are growing rapidly - look how big they are compared with the eggs that haven't hatched. 

I'm giving up hope for the two remaining eggs hatching. My suspicion is that they got too cold in the first couple days after being laid. Curious to see what mom does with them. 

Afternoon bluebird update update May 8

Saturday Morning Bluebird Update, May 8, 2021

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Saturday morning finds two eggs that still haven't hatched. Mom is sitting on them and the two chicks, venturing out occasionally to get food for them. Dad has made a couple trips in with food for the chicks. 


Bluebird Update May 8, 20201 morning.Two eggs have still not hatched. Mom and dad are busy feeding the two chicks.